Take back control of your inbox

Secure email that lets you choose what enters your inbox.


Key Features

Permission based

Users can only send and receive messages from users in their approved contact list.

Easy to use.

Familiar interface with an easy to use contact management system.


No more spam or malicious email from senders you don’t know.

Save Time and Money

Save big money normally spent on software, hardware and support that current systems require to ensure safe email.

How It Works?

Email is received

The Eboard Mail filtering system determines if the sender is an approved contact

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You Decide

Is the sender new, accepted contact or blocked contact? If the sender is new, a notification is sent to the Eboard User to accept or reject further email.

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Accept or Reject

If the user is accepted the email is let through. If the sender is a blocked contact then the email is rejected and doesn’t touch the Eboard Mail inbox.

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Our Expert Team

Gabriel Evans


Matthew Myers


Pricing Plan

Our Pricing Plan


  • 2 GB Mailbox Size Limit
  • 2 GB Storage Limit
  • Enhancements N/A


  • 4 GB Mailbox Size Limit
  • 5 GB Storage Limit
  • Early access to future enhancements including Machine Learning for Spam Senders and Malicious Links.